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Born Bad

Toshiba have had a website where they post a question of the week and people blog their answer. As I’m not too proud to pimp this junk wherever I can I thought I’d join in. You never know it may repair some of those brain connections destroyed by years of alcohol. I’m not holding my breath.


Are people born evil?

Let’s put it this way, if I invited somebody into to my home and the first thing they did was pull a lamp over before collapsing in a heap on the floor, that wouldn’t be a good start. If they then decided to interrupt conversations by screaming at the top of their lungs with no thought to others I’d be thinking that they were very rude.

Whilst not everybody is interested in politics, I wouldn’t say that a ‘good’ person would spoil the debate by loudly soiling themselves in front of everybody. If they did I wouldn’t expect them to lie there crying until somebody else had to go and clean them up.

If their thanks for being looked after was coat the outfit of the kind soul with warm, runny vomit then they’d be edging into the ‘nasty’ sort of personality.

The mark of a truly evil person is having disrupted the whole night, left a lingering smell in the lounge, ruined somebody’s top would to then insist on going to bed before everybody else and not only that but insist on having a special bed made up by somebody else rather than using the perfectly good bed in the spare room.

I can only conclude that babies are evil and so people are born evil.

And to rub it all in they never bring a bottle of wine.

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All I did was posted a link back to the previous article to explain what madness I was entertaining. The naughty software then decided to make it a pingback. Now I fell dirty, will the googlemonster sneak up on me as I sleep?

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