Inane Banter

Tin Foil Hats Are So Last Year Dear

Want to stop the thought police getting into your head? Scared the FBI are picking up on your conspiracy that the win tower bombing were done by remote controlled hamsters aimed by jewish lizards from another dimension? Or simple scared your mother can see those dirty thoughts in your head?

Sure you could get yourself an old fashioned hat made of tin foil but why settle for second best when EMFields have had this stylish alternative.

Oh bee-have

My favourite bit is the last line
You can wear the headnet in the garden, when travelling or when visiting places where microwave exposure is likely to be high e.g. shopping centres. 

OK, in the garden you might get mistaken for a harmless bee-keeper but if you wear that to a shopping centre then I wouldn’t be worrying about the damage microwaves can do to your brain. It’d be far too late.