Day One

Can you guess what is behind door one of our 10p advent calendar?

It’s a balmy summer afternoon, you’re sitting in the air-conditioned meeting room, you and fellow designers are coming up with the advent calendar that’s going to make you rich this Christmas.

It’s day one, what do you put behind that window? You don’t want to peak to quickly and put the baby Jesus there. His time will come. You want to hint at the good times ahead but at the same time you don’t want to get the kids too excited. Put a present there and the little brats are going to be screaming for the next 24 days.

This is where careers are made and lost. You glance at your notes, swallow your pride, stand in your designer suit and pitch like you’ve never pitched before.

“What about a mouse in a Christmas hat playing the bugle?”

Join me tomorrow to find out what’s behind door 2. Maybe it’s a transvestite crow performing in a ska combo?