Inane Banter

Master Semenya?

Why on earth or we still waiting for results as to whether Caster Semenya is a man or not?

Have the testers never seen Crocodile Dundee?

Or they could try the advanced test where they throw a ball at him/her/misc

Calmly catch – Man
Flap about like a lolly sucking child in the middle of a swarm of wasps – Woman

Inane Banter

Flicking Cars Over for Fun and Profit

There were some special visitors at my local gym last week. There was a heat of the UK’s Strongest Man taking place nearby over the weekend and they were all in the cafe area. It made my workout seem futile as I wheeled around the corner to be confronted by about ten brick shithouses all gathered together chatting about nutrition.

In many ways watching the World’s Strongest Man is like accidentally flicking onto one of those preview programmes for a porn channel after the other half has gone to bed. It’s too loud, the best are Scandinavian and it’s ultimately pointless but at least you get to see some huge tits wobbling about.

As I left the gym I noticed the wives loading the luggage onto the tour bus.

Inane Banter

Swine Who?

When the government’s swine flu website was announced it quickly got overwhelmed by people checking if the world had ended yet. I’m not sure how it happened as the government published it in the catchily named I say published but buried might have been more accurate.

Why not the more obvious or,, or practically anything else.

I noticed points to a site which features a competition to win $2500 for a creating a flu prevention video like twisted ,end of the world, you’ve been framed. Think of the tamiflu you could buy with that.