It’s That Time Of The Year Again – Advent 2009

Advent 2009 – The death of cheap advents.

This year I bring terrible news. The credit crunch resulted in the closure of the newsagent I got my crappy advent from last year. I searched high and low to find another shite advent emporium but I couldn’t find one anywhere. Chocolate filled ones were no problem again but this really does seem to be the death of the cheap picture advents. Even the religious bookshop in town that hasn’t seen a new stock delivery since 1974 didn’t have any.

Rather than spend the next 24 days describing poor but identical pieces of chocolate I set myself the rather rash challenge of coming up with a crappy advent picture every day instead.

Rash because I don’t have a lot of spare time, rash because I’m lazy and rash because I’m bound to dry up before day 10 let alone day 24. If you want to help the creative juices just let me know what you think of when you think of Christmas and the build up. I’ll then knock together a hasty photoshop* approximation.

*it’s actually Paint Shop Pro, I’m not made of money or pirates.