Inane Banter

Seriously What Were They Thinking

Each nation is known for it’s fauna and flora. Mexican cacti, Austrian edelweiss, Dutch tulips and the Irish shamrock for example.  I imagine the conversation that took place when England decided on what plant we’d be famous for went a bit like this…

Right guys I’ve got just the plant for us, you’ll love it. It’s green, yes I know lots of plants are green. Flowers? Well not really flowers as such, it does get a little fluffy if you leave it long enough. Size, well it’s quite small really, no it doesn’t have an interesting shape, it’s very straight.

Here’s the best part, you’ll have to grow thousands of them and they’ll look really terrible unless you spend every weekend going over them with a special machine. You also have to remove any other plant that grows anywhere near it which they’ll want to.

Of all the plants we can grow why did we decide we were going to be known for our bloody grass lawns.

Inane Banter

I’m Not Dead

Sorry, I’ve been far too busy lately to create new recipes or even post my usual drivel.

I wish I was joking but I even have a half finished post about a new years resolution email I received. I hope to have that finished sometime in the six months after new year but I won’t promise.

If you want to send me recipe ideas or even just inane dribble then feel free to use the link somewhere over on the right or just use the comments.

I’m so out of touch I don’t even know what’s going on in the world, something about Nick Clegg saving the word by throwing paedo priests into volcanoes?