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Fighting The War On Terror One Pound At A Time

How to beat the war on terror for only a pound

I had the pleasure of dropping somebody off at Belfast International Airport the other day. The airport had the genius idea recently of making everybody who wanted to pick up or drop off anybody pay a pound.

I can just, and I mean just, about see how you could justify charging to pick up as idiots were always getting there way too early and hogging the few spaces.

But how I wondered did they justify charging to drop off? Something that takes all of two minutes. See if you can guess.

Did you say to thwart terrorists? The airport is obviously targeting the terrorist who buys his balaclava from Lidl. Not like those fancy 9/11 terrorists with their plane tickets and flight training. No, they want to stop the careless terrorist who blows his entire budget on bomb making equipment.

Your pound doesn’t even pay for an attendant or security guard. You get the same bored looking policeman you always got and a basket to throw you terrorist tax into.
I was powerless to avoid paying this levy but I still wanted to make a point.

Hurrah for permanent markers and a potty mouth!

Fly my golden sweary wonder FLY!

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