Advent of Hate 2011 – Day 14

Advent of Hate 2011 – Auntie has been at the sherry again.

The poor BBC, struggling to product great telly despite the nasty government cutting their cash and the rival owned tabloids trying to do them in. We feel sorry for them and genuinely upset because ITV don’t make programmes like the BBC. Sky don’t so much make programmes as shit them into satelites at great cost. The BBC makes cuts and reorganisations in attempts to spread the money they get. Expensive dramas get pared back a little, comedy gets limited to well known favourites or cheap quiz shows but we all have to tighten our belts in these difficult times.

And then the BBC does this and goes and ruins the whole thing.


Bad BBC, naughty BBC, no more money hats for you. You’ve gone and spent your months pay check on a PS3, beer and fags whilst your children are starving.