Inane Banter

What’s a brother with a cut finger to do?

There’s an advert on the telly at the moment for giving blood. It features people with plasters on their arms after giving blood. What I noticed was that all the plasters were the same fleshy coloured ones we all remember from school.

When i say fleshy, it’s fleshy if you happen to be white , well pinky. All the back people on the video were also wearing the same colour of plaster which as you can imagine doesn’t blend anywhere near as well.

Can you get brown plasters or do white supremacists run the plaster companies? I looked on the band-aid website and even the newish clear ones still have a pinky bit where the plaster is. The only other colour I can see is blue.

Even the smurfs get more respect!


Sue from Stickyskin has emailed to say that they sell plasters for the darken skinned cutee. As she was nice enough to send me the link privately ratherthan spam it all over the comments I’ll post it here. Stickyskin.*

* I’ve never used them personally so don’t blame me if they run off with your money to set up a plaster based commune in the Seychelles.**

** I’m pretty sure they won’t.