Inane Banter

Just One More Thing

When a crime is committed you often see the neighbours of the criminal interviewed by the local news channel.

He was ever so quiet. You never think he’d do such a thing.

He’d never hurt a fly.

However even Columbo couldn’t have dragged this one out for the full hour.

Ex-mayor Ian Stafford charged with stealing women’s underwear

It’s hard to think of a face that looks more likely to steal knickers.

If you asked a class of 4 year olds what a pant thief would look like they would scribble a stick-man with that face.

A policeman asked to pick the most grundie-stealing feature for each part from his identikit box would construct that face.

If a photo of that face were fired into space, six million years from now a crystal based life-form would look at it’s unfamiliar shape and deduce it was from a creature that took undercrackers without permission.

To be honest it’s the mayor part that I find more shocking than the pant stealing.