Advent Videos

Day Twenty Two – The wonder of Woolies

The only way today’s picture could be classed as interesting was if the candy can was being used as a kinky double entry “toy” by a young lady.

It isn’t so it’s handy I have a back-up story.

I was in town today so I decided to pop into Woolworths to see if they had anything left. 2/3rds of the shop was empty but more importantly they were actually selling bits of the shop itself, shelves, racking, that sort of thing. I saw one guy with one of those little things with wheels on that you push around and stand on to reach high shelves. We had one in the school library when I was a little kid. I used to pretend it was R2D2 and try a wheel it around without being told off by the librarian.

Fortunately they had another one for sale at the back of the shop so for 15 quid I now own a bit of Woolies.

I look forward to using it to reach tall things without having to get the ladder out, not just pretending I have a tiny robot at my beck and call. I’ve named it “Little Don Estelle” after the diminutive star of one of the old Woolies ads from my childhood which thanks to the joy of the intertubes you can relive in super-grainyvision.