Inane Banter

Spunking Presentations Right In Your Face

3M, makers of lots of sticky things like post-it notes have clearly been basing some of their designs on producers of sticky stuff.

Phallicpoint 2007

Come on, surely at some stage during the lengthy design process someone must have noticed it’s similarity to a certain male appendage. Who is going to buy one? I can only imagine most meeting would go something like this.

Boss: Welcome everyone to our AGM. I’d like to start by going over our figures for the past year…
Staff (thinking): Pffft, he’s got a big cock above his head.
Boss: …and of course there was the disappointing sales of the PX1235…
Staff (thinking): hee, hee, cock
Boss: …thanks for the long hours everyone put in building up to the launch of the RX7565…
Staff (thinking): What a shiny helmet
Boss: …alas the terrorist destruction of the Swindon office…
Staff (thinking): Is that thing ribbed?
Boss: …could you all pack your stuff up, security will escort you from the building…
Staff (thinking): I wonder if it dribbles from the end?

As if it wasn’t obvious enough 3M really hammer the point home.

Touch my globes baby

That’s right, what would distract from a cock shaped projector? Putting two planetary gonads underneath, that’s what.

What is that poor woman doing? Trying to find the male g-spot?

Don’t forget boys and girls, for all your presentation spunking, AGM killing needs it’s the 3M DMS800 you need.