Advent of Hate 2011 – Day 7

The build up to Christmas really kicked off with the adverts. Not the fancy department store adverts (I may do something about one of those tomorrow) but your really classy numbers.

Firstly there was Victor Kiam and whatever shaving based nonsense he bought the company for. Shaving beards, lady gardens and fluff off jumpers was his game and he bought the company to play that game. Nobody every mentions the guy who cared so little for the company he sold it to Victor in the first place and he certainly never took out his own range of adverts.

Then there were the adverts for the range of smelly stuff from Yardley. I was surprised to discover Yardley are still going and yes you can still buy lily of the valley. Yardley must be getting twitchy though, their customer base was old enough in the 70s, there can’t be many of them left by now.

Who have they passed the nasty Christmas advert mantle onto now? There’s Iceland and their “celebrity” “food” adverts. That’s about it unless there are still people stupid enough to think that what blankets really need are sleeves. Of course there are still people stupid enough that the Slanket will continue to be advertised.