Inane Banter

Power is an Aphrodisiac After All

You’re in your thirties, you’ve worked hard, got a great education, high paid job all the trimmings.

Then it all pays off, you finally get a taste of real power. You become an elected member of your government. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Three days into your new job you have a few drinks at a party and before you know it you’re semi-naked and uttering the immortal words, “Look at this, I’m titty-fucking your mother!”

Matt Brown, I salute you.

The part that upsets me most is the fact he is about the same age as me and has managed to not only achieve power but also managed to titty-fuck it away again. The closest I get to tasting power is licking a battery.

Note anyone wishing to bestow power on me: I promise not to throw it away by attempting to have a go on someone’s tits.*

* Within the first week.**

** Having said that it would be a great thing to bring up at future interviews.