Inane Banter

Gone in 60 seconds

For reasons far too convoluted to go into I’m wearing Rimmel 60 Seconds purple nail varnish on one fingernail. It involved checking for colour matching with Mrs Fatuous’s existing nail varnish. I’ve never worn nail varnish before unless you count that time as a child when I had some stuff to stop me biting my nails. I didn’t work.

Two things are certain.

  1. 60 seconds is a lie. I had the stuff on my nail for about 5 minutes and I blew on it several times. That didn’t stop it coming off when…
  2. I think the reason men don’t wear nail varnish is that it’s impossible to undo and do up your flies without removing a load of nail varnish.

My purple helmet could well have been more purple and certainly more glittery than usual.

I bet I forget to take it off before going out tomorrow,