Eat My Pingback!

Dear Hot Christmas Online,

I know you are just some crappy bot but if you are going to harvest the shite I post here are a few bits of advice.

  • I am not unknown. I am Mr. Fatuous. It’s not a great name, it’s not even a real name but it is the name mentioned on this site.
  • I do not write interesting posts, I write barely thought through dribble. The best I ever come up with is a vaguely amusing simile and that’s only because I never got the hang of metaphors.
  • If you think my post was interesting at least quote some of it. What you’ve done there is post extracts of the comments. The fatuteers as I like to call them often come up with great comments and I love them to bits but it’s just hurtful of you to suggest the best bits come after I shut up.

So Hot Christmas Online it is with absolutely no regret whatsoever I will have to remove any traces of your pingback.

Now if everyone can post Hot Christmas Online insults in the comments field hopefully we can get the Hot Christmas Online bot to post crap about itself. I’ll get the ball rolling.

2 replies on “Eat My Pingback!”

Bah they have the wrong comments.
Stupid Hot Christmas bot. Right then, I’m editing out you link then you idiotic bundle of code. Quote the correct comments and I’ll let you stay.

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