Inane Banter

Supermarket Baiting

Has your supermarket starting bleating on about how green it is trying to be despite pumping as much crap into the environment as a planet full of brussel sprout eating cows?

How do they show how green they are? By using flimsier and flimsier bags and then trying to get us to reuse them so the trip to and from the car becomes a shopping based game of buckaroo.

I like to bait them. In the boot of my car I have bags from several different supermarkets. If I’m in Sainsburys I use Tesco bags, if in Asda then Morrisons, if in Lidl I’d use a tramps sleeping bag. In your face supermarkets, you’re giving me green points to advertise your competition right under own roof!

I’m not the world’s most dangerous rebel.