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Before you fire off the letter of complaint try this test

If you happen to live in Britain and have a head you will of heard of the current storm over Russell Brand’s radio show in which they left answer machine messages for Andrew Sachs of Faulty Towers fame. The message could have and indeed did offend Mr. Sachs. It also managed to offend about 2 other people enough to complain.

Then the media got hold of it and all hell broke loose. By the end of next week I fully expect Brand and Ross to have been expelled from planet Earth. It’s that convoluted that the BBC have published a timeline!

If however you find yourself one of the 6 people left who aren’t sure whether to be outraged or not try this simple test. Just click on their fizzogs and follow the simple flow chart.*

*May not actually be simple enough for Sun readers. Like they’re going to write a letter anyway.

Take the test
Take the test