Meaty Double Dips

This recipe is sadly nothing to do with the pornographic practice of double dipping, not that I would know anything about such a practice and even if I did, which I don’t, I wouldn’t advertise such a fact on the internet.

No, this recipe is for people who love kiddie sweets but who love the great taste of meat more.


ingredients you will need

Peperami or other thin salami type snack
A packet of Double Dip (possibly two in case of mistakes)
Cayenne pepper or chilli flakes
A craft knife or scissors


Carefully open the packet of Double Dip. I sliced one side of the top with a craft knife. Empty the contents out. These won’t be used again so I tried to make a nice zen garden.

swizzle zen

I then made a new label based on the existing one. In reality I just stuck the Meat Fairy from the wondrous Beaver and Steve onto the packet and changed the wording slightly. If you want to do this at home but can’t be bother with the packet here’s a copy of the label. Here it is in all it’s glory.


The Fillings

To create the first filling I emptied the peanuts into a bowl.

you must be nuts

Then I carefully put the nuts back leaving the dry roasted dust behind. It’s this dust we want. If you wanted to make it super meaty you could use pork scratching dust instead. Some nuts leave more dust than others. It’s a nut lottery but supermarket home brands seem to be better. This packet was useless.

Nut dust city

Then we carefully insert the powder into one of the slots in our packet.

get in!

For the second slot I used cayenne pepper and inserted it in the same way. It’s nice to get two different flavours.

To make the meat swizzle stick I took a peperami and cut it to the same length as the original swizzle stick.

chop chop

Then I stuffed it into the packet. This can be a bit tight. Anyone who has seen Richard Herring’s ménage à un will know what I’m talking about. Check out clip two (and then buy the DVD.) You may chose to slice the peperami in half to make it easier. As a found out for next weeks recipe slicing a peperami in half is actually quite tricky if you don’t want to lose a lot of blood. I’m such a tease, mentioning next week’s recipe before I’ve even finished this one.

not at all like gay sex


All that’s left to do is kick back, relax and enjoy the meaty taste. Or if you’re me you could also try having a shave instead of looking like a fucking tramp.

where's me special brew?

More meaty fun next week!