More Meat-based Fun

As promised last week here’s the second recipe for making meat equivalent snacks of sweets. This week it’s a meat dip. Sounds delicious already doesn’t it? This recipe is even easier than last weeks.



A carton of choc dips
A peperami
Tomato Ketchup


Eat the choc dip. I chose to go om nom nom whist eating it. You can use any sound effects you like.

No more choc dip


Now it’s time to make the meaty version.

Fill the choc container part with tomato ketchup. You can wash that bit first if you can be bothered. I couldn’t so I took the gamble of a tomato / chocolate mish-mash. It was fine in the end. Squirty ketchup bottles would be far easy than the glass ones. Who uses glass ketchup bottles these days. Get with the plastic program Grandad, no you don’t even need a knife to get the stuff out!

Tommy K is the best of all red sauces

Now we need the meaty dips. Using a spare bready stick thing from the choc dip I cut the peperami to length. You get about 3 bits from a peperami if you’ve accidentally eaten all the sticks and are having to guess.

You’ll have noticed the meat is thicker than the stick so you’ll have to cut each bit in half lengthways. Warning – Wild peperami can be tricky creatures. They like to dive out of the way at the last second so you cut through your finger instead. If in doubt ask an adult. What do you mean you are an adult?

Dangerous meat, tamed.

Now you can pop them in the pot and your meaty snack is complete.


All that remains left to do now is enjoy!


No I don’t know what’s going on with my eyes. I mustn’t have slept well.
No idea what’s going on with my face either. I’m sure it doesn’t look like that normally.
Yes I am wearing the same t-shirt as last week. That’s because I did them at the same time. The weeks gap is a man-made delay in a desperate attempt to create tension. That and I know I’ll probably be too busy to do anything for a while again. I’m nothing if not inconsistent.

Feel free to suggest other fun food / drink ideas and maybe I’ll do them for you. Normal moaning service will resume soon.

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What can I say, I’m a stay clean maverick. It doesn’t really matter as you have to give it a good shake first anyway. Unless you want the watery sauce nightmare and let’s face it, nobody wants that.

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