Inane Banter

I’m Not Dead

Sorry, I’ve been far too busy lately to create new recipes or even post my usual drivel.

I wish I was joking but I even have a half finished post about a new years resolution email I received. I hope to have that finished sometime in the six months after new year but I won’t promise.

If you want to send me recipe ideas or even just inane dribble then feel free to use the link somewhere over on the right or just use the comments.

I’m so out of touch I don’t even know what’s going on in the world, something about Nick Clegg saving the word by throwing paedo priests into volcanoes?

Inane Banter

Postman Pat Built My Hotrod

I suppose it was inevitable but it appears that Postman Pat is too sedate for todays ADD riddled school kids. Gone is tootling around a little village delivering post. Now he’s on special delivery and this involves the use of gyrocopters and bullet-time cat rescuing set in the big smoke. There are a few flaws with this.

  • Couriers don’t get access to gyrocopters or speedy delivery. In reality they tend kick your parcel around a warehouse, decide it’s too heavy to bother delivering so pop round with a “you were out” card and do a runner before you reach the front door so you have to travel to back-end of shitville-on-sea to collect it.
  • Surely a pumped up Pat would replace Jess the cat with a tiger or at least a pitbull?
  • He still looks like a nerdy, speccy-eyed, pube-headed twat.
  • Does this mean his old rural post office has been closed down due to lack of custom or is it now a spar with a post office that opens for 5 seconds on the 3rd Tuesday of the month?

What’s next? Chorlton’s Pimp My Wheelie? Pob carrying a knife as well as spitting everywhere? The playschool house being knocked down and turned into apartments? Tony Hart doing a Banksy?

Personally I’m looking forward to Crystal Tipps, Turning Tricks.